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In-patient Care

Count on us for any situation that may arise requiring your pet to stay at the clinic

We understand it can be a stressful time for pet and owner when you have to be separated for a pet to come into the hospital, be it for operation or medical treatment.

Rest assured our dedicated inpatient nurses are on hand to look after you individual pet’s needs.

We have separate dog and cat wards to reduce stress and increase comfort; we are constantly seeking new ways to improve this.

A recent development at the suggestion of one of our nurses has been the addition of cat pods into each cat kennel allowing your furry friend a safe place to sleep and rest whilst still under the dutiful watch of our nurses and vets.

We also offer an isolation suite for cases that require intensive care and who may be infectious to other animals.

Our inpatient staff are fully prepared for any situation that may arise requiring your pet to stay with us at the clinic. When patients are required to stay with us overnight or longer, the case vet will discuss this with you and create a plan that will fit both yours and your pets needs.